How Much Does New Turf Increase Property Prices?

First impressions matter, and what is the first thing visitors see while approaching a home? It’s the front yard, of course, and with the Sydney housing market so competitive, improving the value of your home is critical.

According to a national poll done by real estate brokers Raine & Horne, a nice, tidy, and lush green lawn attracts purchasers. In fact, 93% of Raine & Horne real estate agents advise their customers to enhance their lawns before selling their homes.

According to the real estate agents polled, 40% feel that a well-kept lawn may increase the value of your property by 20%, while 23.3% say a lawn can increase the value by 30%. For example, if the typical home price in your area is $550,610, 20% of that is $110,000!

The Raine & Horne poll also discovered that a lawn was the preferred home exterior for family purchasers. As 63% of families preferred lawn, followed by 21% referring decking, then synthetic grass at 7%, pavement at 5%, and concrete at 3%.

The poll also asked families what the most significant benefit of a new lawn is. With 89% saying new lawns make the appearance and feel of a home better, 45% said they like the additional lifestyle and relaxation appeal, and 42% said they like the safe playing space lawns create for the kids.

Therefore, getting in touch with local turf suppliers or Sydney turf installers for a newly laid lawn will boost your sale price if you’re selling to families with children. If you need turf supplies Western Sydney or throughout Sydney, our Turf Sydney team offers a full service – from preparing the soil for turf installation, professionally laying turf to completing gardening and timber work.

Whether you are selling your home now or in ten years, it’s critical to seek home renovations that are cost-effective and yield a positive return. For these purposes keeping a well-manicured turf in Sydney is a no-brainer – it’s a cheap and straightforward makeover that adds property value and, more importantly, draws more purchasers.

While landscaping may enhance the value of a property and increase buyer appeal, a yard that is too difficult to manage can deter potential buyers who do not want to put in the work. So, make sure your lawn and garden are attractive while also remaining basic in maintenance requirements.

Although homeowners must keep in mind a few things if they want their fresh Sydney turf to look best for auction day. Since any new grass will take a few weeks to establish itself, homeowners will be required to do some upkeep, such as watering, fertilising, mowing and weed up-keep.

To help you get started, here are a few tips from the reputable Sydney turf installers at Andrews to make your lawn look perfect come auction day. Our expert Sydney turf installers have delivered premium turf supplies Western Sydney and throughout Sydney for decades, so trust us, we know the secrets to make a lawn look the best on the street.

Lawn Maintenance Tips Leading Up to Auction

If you’re putting a new lawn before selling your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, maintaining your lawn in the spring significantly impacts how well the turf Sydney grows in the summer.

First impressions matter, and a well-kept Sydney turf may be the difference between a possible buyer driving by and stopping to look. So, make sure you are maintaining a weed-free, irrigated, and mowed yard.

Clean edges between your lawn and flower beds or walkways are also attractive by keeping the grass tidy and preventing it from overflowing into these areas. Keeping clean edges is easily accomplished by using a whipper snipper or lawn clippers after mowing; these tools are available from your local turf suppliers.

Water is arguably the most crucial aspect of maintaining lush grass. Although as Sydney turf installers, before watering, we always recommend checking with your local water authority to see whether there are any water restrictions in place.

At the very least, all grass types should be watered once a week. If your grass needs more, it will change colour to indicate that it is thirsty. As expert turf suppliers, we have found it is more efficient to water in the morning, as watering during the day causes the water to evaporate before reaching the roots.

Fertilizing can also benefit your lawn appearance come auction day as it provides your grass with a boost to appear its best. Lawn fertilisers give Sydney turfs the nutrition they need to be healthy, minimises the risk of illness, and prevents issues like weeds.

What is the Best Type of Turf to Increase Sydney House Prices?

Whether it’s the Australian climate throwing heavy rain or extreme droughts on our Sydney lawns, or it’s simply the kids playing rough, Sydney turfs must be tough.

When selecting a grass type for your Sydney turf, consider how much water, light, and shadow the areas will receive. Then, depending on the features and appearance you desire on a lawn, there is a wide range of grasses to choose from, including Buffalo, Zoysia, Couch, and Kikuyu.

Buffalo grasses are an excellent choice for turfs Sydney and NSW backyards since they are pleasant, practical, and easy to manage. Buffalo grass is also adaptable to the changing seasons that occur in Sydney and the neighbouring areas.

Zoysia grass is a beautiful, drought-resistant grass that is still relatively new to NSW yards and landscapes. A Zoysia grass is the answer for an NSW homeowner looking for a lawn that requires less mowing, is water-wise and hard-wearing, and has an eye-catching dark green colour.

Couch grass is a low-maintenance grass that, when properly cared for, can provide a beautiful lawn. Couch is resistant to wear and tear and can swiftly repair itself because of its active subsurface runners.

Kikuyu grass is considered one of the more “vigorous” grasses and the most cost-effective lawn. Kikuyu prefers a warmer temperature and thrives in direct sunlight, making it an ideal turf for Sydney houses; nevertheless, it struggles to flourish in gloomy or poorly lighted places.

Source Your Turf from Reputable Sydney Turf Suppliers

Andrew’s Turf Supplies Western Sydney offers a wide variety of lawn care products and turf varieties for all kinds of commercial projects and residential projects in Sydney. We offer a wide variety of turf, including; Palmetto BuffaloMatilda BuffaloSapphire BuffaloCouchShademaster Buffalo and Kikuyu, all grown in beautiful Hawkesbury, New South Wales.

Whether you are looking for Sydney turf installers or turf suppliers, Andrew’s highly experienced turf Sydney team is available to help you install and maintain beautiful Sydney lawns.

When considering which turf variety is best for your commercial or residential area, there are many factors to consider. Explore some other factors to consider in Choosing between Premium Turf Products or, for expert turf suppliers advice, contact the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, your local Landscape supplier in Sydney.

We offer a full service at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, from turf supplies in Sydney right through to turf installation and irrigation installation. Besides being a reliable landscape supplier in Sydney, we can also prepare the soil for turf installation, install turf and irrigation systems, and complete gardening and timber work. Get in contact with our friendly team today for a FREE quote on 0423 385 565 or email