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Choosing the perfect type of Buffalo grass is best for your pets

As a proud pet owner, you’ll want to find a happy medium between your home’s beautiful lush green lawn and a happy, healthy pet. Although, when searching for Turf Supplies in Sydney, it can be difficult to know which turf variety is most suitable for your pets and your property.

Grass is the ideal surface for pets to roam around on. Depending on the type of grass, it provides a soft surface for play such as rolling and running around, but also isn’t harmful to their health. With regular mowing, ticks and other unwanted pests can be kept at bay, whilst low allergenic turf varieties offer a comfortable environment for pets and your family alike.

That being said, consistent activity out on our lawns may cause grass to deteriorate and become damaged earlier in its life. To prevent this from occurring, you should ensure that you select an appropriate durable turf variety that can withstand high traffic. A Landscape Supplier in Sydney will be able to help you to select the most appropriate turf.

So which type of grass is best for pets?

At Andrew’s Turf Supplies we recommend Palmetto Buffalo grass to any pet owners for the following reasons:

 Hard-wearing & Quick Recovery

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a tough turf variety that is suitable for high traffic areas, including backyards that are home to pets such as dogs. Common pet behaviours like digging and urination can result in damage to your lawn. But, this is not a big concern with Palmetto Buffalo grass as it grows quickly, allowing it to recover in a short amount of time.

Low Allergenic

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a great selection for pets and people who suffer from allergies, as it is a low allergenic species. Palmetto Buffalo produces less seed heads than other turf varieties, which is generally what allergy sufferers react to.

Soft Leaf

Palmetto Buffalo grass has a soft leaf that is perfect for dogs and children to play on and roll around in. The soft leaf also results in less skin irritation, making it the perfect choice for families with pets and children.

Aside from the above benefits that make Palmetto Buffalo grass a suitable choice for your pets and family, there are many other benefits to enjoy that will make laying Palmetto Buffalo worth your while:

Vibrant Colouring

Palmetto Buffalo grass displays a beautiful deep emerald green colour and has 75% better winter colouring than other varieties of buffalo grass. This means that with proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy a lush green lawn all year round.

Drought Resistance

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a great choice for Australia’s dry climate. Palmetto uses water efficiently due to its deep rooted system, which increases its drought tolerance.

Low Maintenance

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a low maintenance lawn that is great for those with a busy schedule, as it requires minimal watering. Also, despite its ability to spread quickly, Palmetto Buffalo grass requires less mowing than other buffalo turf varieties, as it grows outwards faster than it does upwards. Palmetto can last relatively long periods without mowing and will not invade your garden even though it tends to grow quickly.

 Highly Resistant to Diseases & Pests

Palmetto Buffalo grass isn’t commonly affected by diseases, though it isn’t completely immune, and is most susceptible to Brown Patch. It is also highly resistant to common pests such as Lawn Grub.

When considering which turf variety is best for your pets, there are many factors to consider in addition to which is most suitable for your pets. Explore some other factors to consider in Choosing between Premium Turf Products or for expert advice, contact the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, your local Landscape supplier in Sydney.

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