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Palmetto Buffalo Grass

$15.00 per m2

Palmetto Buffalo Grass is a hard-wearing, low maintenance buffalo turf that is fantastic for the family home. It has 75% better winter colouring than other types of buffalo grass and has a soft leaf. It is a low allergenic species. (minimum total order quantity of 30 m2)


  • Excellent winter-green colour
  • Soft to touch and underfoot
  • Broad leaf
  • Dense growth


  • High shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • Low thatch
  • High wear tolerance
  • Solid weed resistance due to dense growth
  • Produces low seed head (a common irritant for people with allergies)

Climatic performance

  • Drought tolerance
  • High cold tolerance, including frost
  • Performs in heat and humidity
  • Grows in most parts of Australia

Environmental benefits

  • Low water usage
  • Reduced herbicide requirements

Palmetto® Soft Leaf Buffalo needs less watering and mowing than most turf varieties, delivering a great looking lawn with minimal fuss.

Palmetto® has strong-growing runners that grow across the ground, rather than upwards. This growth pattern creates a dense lawn with solid wear tolerance and recovery rate. It’s also why Palmetto® is great at out-competing weeds.

Palmetto® has an excellent winter-green colour and performs well in shade.

With its deep root system, Palmetto® is an efficient water user and drought tolerant.


  • Cut to 2cm-5cm in sun, or 5cm-7cm in shade
  • Mow every 7-10 days in warmer months, and every 3-6 weeks in colder months
  • Fertiliser is recommended twice a year: once in early April and once in September

Palmetto® Soft Leaf Buffalo is drought tolerant once established – but, like all plants, needs water. Requirements will vary depending on environmental factors. Be aware of a drying climate and water your lawn accordingly.

Remember, infrequent deep watering of your lawn promotes a healthy lawn and a strong deep-rooted system. Watering time is best in the early morning.

Lawn Install Tips

To assist you in correctly laying your turf so that it flourishes well into the future, read through our helpful hints on how to prepare soil, lay turf and maintain your new lawn.