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Premium Quality Turf

Our mission is to supply our clients with premium quality turf at affordable prices. We will only supply and install turf that is sure to thrive on your property, leaving you with a gorgeous lush lawn.

We always come prepared

We will always turn up to your site fully equipped with all the supplies and equipment that we need to successfully complete your job to your specifications.

Full Service

Our team offers a full service from supply right through to installation. We are able to prepare soil for turf installation, professionally lay turf, install irrigation systems, and complete gardening and timber work.

Order Turf Online

Andrew’s Turf Supplies have a variety of turf species available for purchase online, including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Sir Grange, Tiftuf Bermuda and Eureka Kikuyu Turf; all grown in the beautiful Hawkesbury in New South Wales. We deliver Sydney wide, 6 days a week.

Order Fertiliser Online

Andrews Turf Supplies is a proud supplier of Lawn Pride and Lawn Solutions Lawn Fertilisers. These market-leading turf supplies will keep your lawn healthy and lush year-round. LawnPride products are packed with nutrients, including perfect slow-release and organic lawn fertilisers to suit any type of turf from, Zoysia, Buffalo, TifTuf and more.


We pride ourselves on great customer communication and also on the presentation of our work, and will never leave a job until a customer is satisfied.

We would highly recommend Andrews Turf Supplies. We found them extremely professional in all aspects. Andrew takes exceptional pride in his work and has an amazing eye for detail. His vast knowledge and experience shows in his workmanship. He is truly a master of his trade. (A Green Grass Guru) Rebecca is an absolute pleasure to deal with, she is very efficient in organising the job from start to finish, keeping us informed every step of the way. Thank you ATS for our beautiful new lawn. 5 stars.

Rhonda Ballarino

Andrew and Rebecca, I can't find words to thank you enough for the amazing job you did! Our front yard and backyard are so green and as good as new! Very impressed with your lightning fast response to my call and super professional level of technologies, tools and equipment that you use. I would recommend Andrew's Turf Supplies to all and would be very happy to use your service in future! Thank you, guys!!!!

Tatiana Butorina

Thank you Andrew and staff for our beautiful grass. The colour and quality of it is amazing. The service was amazing as well as laying the grass. Thank you for coming out on a Sunday. Will pass on your business cards to people as we highly recommend your business. You and your team have a friendly disposition and it was lovely chatting to you all. Your advice and recommendations on maintaining the grass was so helpful. Thank you so much.

Joclyn Stanley

Andrew and Rebecca are simply amazing! They supplied and laid 340 metres of grass for our front and backyard in half a day and were so great to deal with! Highly recommend their services.

Hardeep Chohan

Highly recommend Andrew and Rebecca. The service and knowledge is second to none and the turf was amazing. A fantastic family business that will go over and above to provide everything you need to achieve a beautiful lawn.

Brendon Brauer

Highly recommend these guys. Rebecca is a gem to deal with and Andrew’s efficiency and professionalism is second to none. Thanks guys our clients are over the moon with their buffalo grass.

Kayla Ann

Terrific price, very knowledgeable and professional no muck around guys who take pride in their work. Highly recommend.

Nat Hochy

Awesome work Andrew and Bec. Highly recommend your business and the dedication to detail. Job done to perfection. Andrew worked tirelessly to make sure everything that was to be done was done. Above and beyond. Thank you again.

Christos XyGt

Thank you so so much! We are so happy! You guys have been amazing since the first interaction. Friendly staff, so quick from quote to install and such great advice about type of grass, type of trees and so quick to respond to any question or request! Highly recommend Rebecca, Andrew and Team!!

Amanda Isenberg

Thank you ATS for doing an amazing job on our yard. Andrew and Rebecca were very professional and easy to deal with. They went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend using ATS for your turf needs.

Lorin Heah

Turf Suppliers Sydney

At Andrew’s Turf Supplies, we supply and install high quality turf at affordable prices for both small and large scale residential, commercial and trade applications. We understand that every project has different requirements and work with you in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your project.

With Andrew's Turf Supplies, you can rest assured that you'll receive top-notch service and affordable turf at affordable prices. We take great pride in our ability to supply and install only the highest quality turf for your landscaping needs.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to revamp your front or back garden lawn, a business owner in need of commercial turf to make your facility pop, or a trade professional in need of an expert installation for your next project, we have the perfect solution for you. At Andrew's Turf Supplies, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver the best possible results for your project.

Backed by our commitment to delivering the highest quality full-service lawn sourcing and installation, our premium yet affordable turf supplies are among the best on the market. Grown locally in the beautiful Hawkesbury region, you'll experience reduced transportation fees and an expert installation from an all-local team of experienced experts that live and breathe turf.

Choosing Andrew's Turf Supplies means partnering with a supplier that not only provides a wide range of turf options but also ensures each variety meets specific landscaping needs. Our turf varieties are carefully selected and grown under optimal conditions to ensure they thrive in their new environments. Whether you need turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic for a commercial space or a type that flourishes in the shaded areas of your garden, we have the expertise to guide you in selecting the perfect turf.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our practices, from eco-friendly growing techniques to efficient water usage during turf maintenance. By choosing us, you benefit from our extensive experience and dedication to providing not just turf, but a full landscaping solution that includes ongoing support and advice.

From soil preparation and the installation of irrigation systems to turf landscaping, laying and complete timber work, we're ready to deliver the quality turf and friendly, top-quality services that you need. Andrews Turf is your number one choice for affordable turf supplies and installation in the Sydney region.

Our Services

We not only provide premium quality turf at affordable prices but we also offer a wide range of landscaping and gardening supply services. We have a strong focus on garden supplies and delivering sustainable landscaping solutions, including site preparation, expert turf installation and the setup of advanced irrigation systems. These services are crafted to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year round regardless of the weather. All of this makes us one of Sydney's best and most trusted turf suppliers.

If you are in Sydney, Andrews Turf Supplies is your answer to garden needs that truly extend beyond just turf care. We are experts in all turf and garden supplies. This allows us to help you turn your backyard into an appealing and functional outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you dream of a garden oasis or a safe play zone for kids, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

Recognising that every yard is unique we offer personalised consultations to understand your requirements and preferences. During these discussions, we can recommend varieties of grass for your specific area, propose landscaping ideas and suggest effective irrigation systems to uphold the beauty and health of your lawn.

Our dedication lies in providing a customer service experience that leaves you feeling as though you can rely on us again and again.

Contact us today to discover more about the variety of services we offer in Sydney. Chat with us about how we can improve both the look and usability of your garden. Our team is here and are prepared to support you in bringing your outdoor living area to life.

The Landsape Association


How do I choose a turf supplier?

Selecting the right turf supplier for your residential or commercial project is a big deal. It’s all about finding the perfect match to make your lawn and landscaping dreams a reality. Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing your turf supplier:

  1. Quality Counts: Make sure your turf supplier offers top-notch products. Ask about the types of grass they offer and how they nurture them. Look for signs of quality like premium fertilisers and soil amendments in their growing process.
  2. Reputation Matters: Check out what others are saying about the turf supplier. Browse online reviews and testimonials to get a sense of their track record. Positive feedback on product quality, delivery times, and customer service is a good sign of reliability.
  3. Stellar Service: Opt for a turf supplier that goes the extra mile for their customers. You want someone who’s responsive to your questions, offers expert advice, and helps you pick the perfect grass for your needs.
  4. Convenient Delivery: Consider how and when the turf will arrive at your doorstep. Choose a supplier that can get the job done within a reasonable timeframe and offers hassle-free delivery options.
  5. Budget-friendly Options: Price matters, but it’s not everything. Compare prices among different suppliers, but also factor in product quality, customer service, and delivery convenience.

By considering these factors when choosing a residential or commercial turf supplier, you can ensure that you select a reliable and reputable supplier that can provide you with high-quality products and excellent customer service.

What are the benefits of utilising turf suppliers?

When it comes to sprucing up your lawn and landscaping, turning to turf suppliers in Sydney comes with a host of advantages:

  1. Expert Guidance: Turf suppliers bring years of knowledge and know-how to the table. They’ll steer you toward the perfect turf variety and fertilisers tailored to your needs. Need tips on laying turf or lawn care? They’ve got you covered.
  2. Top-Notch Quality: Say goodbye to lackluster lawns! Turf suppliers deliver top-tier products grown under optimal conditions. That means you get lush, vibrant turf that’s sure to make your neighbors green with envy.
  3. Budget-Friendly: Save some green by choosing turf suppliers. Thanks to their bulk purchasing power, they often offer high-quality turf at wallet-friendly prices. You get the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank.
  4. Ultimate Convenience: Ordering turf and fertilisers has never been easier. With just a few clicks online or a quick phone call, you can have everything you need delivered right to your doorstep. No need to schlep to the store!
  5. Time Well Saved: Let’s face it—laying turf and maintaining a lawn can be a time suck. But with turf suppliers, you can kiss those long hours goodbye. They’ll hook you up with everything you need to get your lawn looking picture-perfect in no time.

With turf supplies in Sydney, you’ll have a lush, green lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood—all with minimal hassle and maximum convenience.

What turf varieties does Andrews Turf Supplies offer?

If you are looking for turf Sydney, we offer a range of turf varieties at Andrews Turf Supplies. Our turf varieties include  Sir Grange Zoysia, TiTuf Hybrid Bermuda, Eureka Kikuyu and Sir Walter Buffalo. Our turf Sydney is farm-fresh and is grown in the Hawkesbury.

If you are searching for turf supplies Sydney, reach out to our friendly team at Andrews Turf Supplies to find the best suited turf supplies for you and your needs. Our professionals will assist in finding the best turf variety for you and only provide the most premium turf.

Do you offer turf supplies Sydney? What areas do you offer turf Sydney?

At Andrews Turf Supplies we offer turf supplies Sydney, turf supplies Western Sydney, turf supplies Parramatta, as well as throughout the Hills District, Hawkesbury and many more areas in Sydney. To find out more information about the range of turf supplies service areas.

How do I prepare my soil for turfing?

To get the perfect soil for turfing there are a several factors you should consider such as:

  • Clean the surfaces of pants or bushes
  • Work on the soil quality and texture
  • Align the surface and soil
  • Firm the surface and soil
  • Ensure you add pre-turfing fertilisers
  • Ensure you level the soil

After following these steps you will be ready to lay your turf. If you require assistance in laying your turf or preparing your soil, reach out to one of our experts at Andrews Turf Supplies who will be able to provide advice, answer questions and assist you with the process.

Can I lay new turf on top of old turf?

The turf suppliers at Andrews Turf, along with reputable turf suppliers and installers would not recommend laying new turf on top of old turf for several reasons. There is a possibility of soil compaction, any pests and diseases will remain within the turf, new turf on top of old turf will not assist with hollows and humps and existing weeds will return after a couple of months.

Reach out to the team at Andrews Turf Supplies for personalised advice on recommended turf supplies Sydney for your new turf and to transform your landscaping!

How do I choose the best turf variety?

Choosing the best turf variety for your space and your needs greatly depends on your requirements and wishes in turf. If you are searching for a turf variety that is low maintenance for a residential property, some turf varieties our experts at Andrew’s Turf Supplies recommend is sir walter buffalo grass, , kikuyu grass or varieties of zoysia grass.

If you are wanting to find the best grass for a commercial landscape area; buffalo and kikuyu grass varieties are best suited as they are best suited for exposure to sunlight and are suitable for high-traffic areas.

Ultimately, it’s important to recognise that no two turf installation projects are the same, and the turf supplies that suit one environment may not suit another. It’s always advisable to ask for the advice of expert turf suppliers in Sydney who can offer the most suitable solutions for your unique needs.

Lawn Install Tips

To assist you in correctly laying your turf so that it flourishes well into the future, read through our helpful hints on how to prepare soil, lay turf and maintain your new lawn.