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Choosing between Premium Turf Products

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing between premium turf products for your property. Some of these factors include:

Your Location

Different locations experience different environmental conditions, which will affect the variety of turf you choose.

Your Budget

If you are on a tight budget, then it is worth considering a grass variety that requires minimal maintenance, as this will reduce your lawn care costs over time.

Maintenance Requirements

There are grass varieties that will grow healthily even with minimal care, which will suit those that are time poor. But others require a higher level of care.

Available Sunlight

Sunlight helps grass to grow and flourish. If your grass is shaded by buildings/structures, then it is best to choose a grass variety that tolerates the shade well.

Appearance and Characteristics

Different turf species have different looks, colours and textures. Keep in mind that the appearance of your turf will depend on what activities carried out on your new lawn.


You may need a hard-wearing grass that can withstand high foot traffic, or maybe your lawn won’t be used much and you care only about appearance and maintenance.

Once you have thought about what you would like to achieve with your new lawn, the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies can help you settle on which turf variety will satisfy your needs best. We have a range of premium turf varieties on offer, that are sure to suit your project. To assist you with deciding on the best turf for your home or business, below are some of the turf species that we supply and their features:

Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Buffalo grass is a hard-wearing, low maintenance buffalo turf that is fantastic for the family home. It has 75% better winter colouring than other types of buffalo grass and has a soft leaf. It is a low allergenic species.


Couch grass is great for large areas that are exposed to full sun. This grass variety is not ideal for shaded areas, as it only has a 10% shade tolerance. It is a fast repairing grass with a fine leaf that is of dark green colouring.


Shademaster Buffalo is a slow growing, low maintenance grass that is hard wearing. It has a soft wide leaf that has fantastic shade tolerance. Shademaster Buffalo also has an excellent allergy rating.

Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo grass is a heavy duty species that is quick to recover from damage due to its deep roots. Another great feature is its resistance to both the sun and shade, making it a great selection for those yards that have both. It has a finer texture than other types of buffalo grass, but is still thick and carpet like. Sapphire Buffalo Grass also requires less water than other buffalo varieties and still remains green in the cooler months.


Kikuyu turf is fantastic for larger areas that experience a high amount of foot traffic. It is a fast repairing grass that thrives in the Australian climate; requiring minimal water to survive.

Matilda Buffalo

Matilda Buffalo grass is a soft leaf buffalo turf that is fantastic for the family home. It displays a vibrant colour in both summer and winter and is one of the most pet friendly turf variates.

Now that you know a bit more about different turf species, you are ready to choose your new turf. At Andrew’s Turf Supplies, our turf specialists can advise you on the best grass variety for your location, needs and wants.

We offer a full service, from turf supplies right through to turf installation. In addition to being reliable turf suppliers and turf installers in Sydney, we are also able to prepare soil for turf installation, install irrigation systems, and complete gardening and timber work. Get in contact with our friendly team today for a free quote on 0423 385 565 or email andrewsturfsupplies@outlook.com.