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Why Choose Kikuyu Turf?

Kikuyu Turf is commonly used in Australia, as it is an extremely hard wearing grass that offers a high resistance to drought. It’s ability to survive the harsh Australian climate, is just one of the advantages that you’ll enjoy after laying Kikuyu Turf. As Sydney Turf installers, we often get asked about the advantages and disadvantages of laying Kikuyu Turf, which we will explore in detail below.


Drought Resistance

Australia’s environmental conditions can be quite harsh, particularly in times of drought. Therefore, it’s best to choose a turf variety that is hard wearing and can tolerate drought to ensure that your lawn is always looking its best.

Kikuyu Turf is a popular choice in Australia, due to its high level of drought tolerance. It requires minimal water to survive, allowing it to continue to thrive even in harsh environmental conditions such as Drought.

Fast Growing & Self-Repairing Grass

Kikuyu Turf is a fast growing turf variety, with the ability to spread quickly. As a result of this, damaged grass and dead patches can be repaired in a short amount of time.

Suitable for High Traffic Areas

Kikuyu Turf’s ability to grow and recover quickly, makes it suitable for high traffic areas. Frequently used lawns, such as those that are home to pets, are prone to damage as a result of constant use. However, with a fast growing turf such as Kikuyu, any damage from daily wear, can be regrown/repaired quickly.


Low Shade Tolerance

Kikuyu Turf thrives best in areas that are exposed to full sun. In shaded areas, Kikuyu tends to become patchy. When deciding if Kikuyu Turf is suitable for your property, consider that plants may grow over time, further limiting sun exposure. Also consider any new developments that may be built around your property in the future, that could also generate more shade.

Can Overtake Gardens

Kikuyu Turf is a very active grass that spreads quickly. When laid near garden beds, it has the ability to penetrate the garden bed, which can cause plants to deteriorate if the grass intertwines with the plants. Once Kikuyu has overtaken a garden bed, it can be quite challenging to manage and remove. Therefore, it’s best not to lay Kikuyu Turf near ground level landscaping elements like garden beds.

Selecting the right type of grass for your property can be challenging, with so many factors to consider. From sun exposure and maintenance requirements to the intended use, the list of considerations can be overwhelming. Also, with so many grass varieties available, including Matilda Buffalo Grass, Palmetto Buffalo Grass, Sapphire Buffalo, Shademaster, Couch and Kikuyu Turf Sydney, it can be hard to determine which turf variety is best. At Andrews Turf Supplies, our Sydney Turf installers can answer any questions you may have and help you to select the most suitable turf for your property and requirements.

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