Lawn Install Tips

Lawn Install Tips


If you are making any other modifications to your yard as well as installing a new lawn, such as retaining walls and pathways, it is best practice to complete this before you lay your new turf. This will prevent your freshly laid lawn from getting damaged whilst the landscaping work is being carried out. In these situations where multiple renovations are being carried out, the turf should be laid last to ensure it doesn’t suffer any damages, such as discolouration or root damage.

When to lay your new turf?

Make sure that you are able to lay your turf as soon as it is delivered. Turf is a living product, and as a result, it will not last long without coming into contact with the moisture and nutrients it needs. This is particularly important in summer, as the turf will burn and perish in the heat. Hence, prior to delivery you must ensure that you have correctly prepared the area where the lawn is to be laid, so that the lawn can be installed on arrival. Follow this process carefully and you’ll be rewarded with the luscious lawn that you deserve.

Mowing your lawn for the first time

Before mowing your lawn for the first time, ensure that the grass is firmly rooted into the soil. This generally occurs around 4-6 weeks after the grass has been laid.  Be sure to not cut the grass too short, as this will weaken the structure of the grass. We recommend cutting one third off the blade length, to keep your grass at its optimal health. Once you’ve mowed your lawn for the first time, make sure you stick to a consistent maintenance schedule to ensure your lawn continues to look just as good as when it was first laid.

Drainage & Waterflow

When laying your new turf, be sure to consider drainage and waterflow. While this is an important part of the process, it is commonly overlooked. However, it is important for the health of your lawn that it doesn’t receive too much water. Your lawn area should slope just enough that the water is able to naturally drain away from your house. If this is not the case, then you should look at installing a drainage system. 

Land Preparation

Before laying turf, it is imperative that you prepare the soil properly. Firstly, remove all weeds and spray with weed killer at least 14 days before turf is delivered. Remove any sticks, rocks, existing/dead grass, or any other debris. Once area is cleared, use a rotary hoe to turn the top layer of soil over to an even consistency. Test soil pH levels; with the ideal pH level being 6-7.5. The addition of lime will increase pH levels. If soil is too compact or has a clay base, add gypsum to break up clay. Adding a top layer of organic matter will improve soil structure, particularly for sand based soils. Lastly, use a rake to create a smooth flat surface.

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