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What is the Best Fertiliser for Buffalo Grass?

With a solid fertilising schedule, all types of Buffalo grass – including Sapphire, Sir Walter, and Palmetto – will grow at its best and have the fewest difficulties throughout the year.

If you have ever seen a Buffalo lawn look pale or yellow, this is the most significant indicator that the grass is in desperate need of fertilisation.

Unfortunately, Buffalo lawn owners are frequently given inaccurate or unclear lawn care advice when using fertilisers. But not to worry, as reputable turf suppliers, we have put together this accurate fertiliser guide to ensure you keep lush green buffalo turf!

What Does Grass Fertiliser Do?

A fertiliser, also known as plant food or lawn feed, is a broad term for either a combination of chemicals or naturally occurring matter used to boost plant growth.

Fertilisers are vital to maintaining a healthy lawn, yet it’s often forgotten. Specific forms of fertiliser will benefit some lawn species, such as common buffalo grass, over others.

The appropriate fertiliser provides your grass with soil-enhancing nutrients that increase the luscious green colour, soil quality, root strength, and stimulate grass growth. Even if you water and mow your grass regularly, it may still require additional nutrients to flourish and look its best. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Fertiliser for Buffalo Grass

Especially if you are a newbie to lawn care, fertilising buffalo lawns can seem overwhelming, but the reality is that fertilising Buffalo grass is not a difficult task!

Apart from requiring more iron than most other kinds of lawns, buffalo grass can be kept healthy with the same high-quality fertilisers and the same fertilisation routine as any other type of Australian grass.

Most importantly, for buffalo grass, you must find a fertiliser with additional iron if you want to boost the appearance and health of your buffalo lawn. While various buffalo lawn fertilisers on the market claim to be particularly formulated for buffalo lawns (and come with a higher price tag), you can accomplish the same benefits for your lawn by using a basic lawn fertiliser and an inexpensive iron supplement. This added iron aids in the preservation of the buffalo grass’s deep dark green colour.

How to Find the Best Fertiliser for Buffalo Grass

If you’re looking for a Buffalo lawn fertiliser (or any other lawn product), one of the most important places to start is your local fertiliser manufacture since their products will likely suit the type of lawns in your area.

Local fertiliser suppliers have conducted considerable soil research and testing to give locals the best fertilisers with the nutrients that our local soils lack. As a result, you get the most out of your fertiliser consumption.

Although there’s no need to spend a lot of money on Buffalo lawn fertilisers that are marketed as “special.” As at Andrews Turf Supplies, we stock Lawn Pride fertilisers, one of the most reputable lawn fertiliser brands in Australia and will do a great job of delivering nutrients to your Buffalo grass lawn.

An excellent lawn fertiliser, such as LawnPride’s Groturf 8kg, immediately delivers a nutritious diet to the grass, allowing it to restore itself quickly and protect itself from harsh weather conditions. A lawn fertiliser also contributes to cleaner soil and a more attractive lawn.

Which is Better: Standard or Slow-Release Fertiliser?

The two most prevalent forms of fertilisers are standard and slow-release, but what is the difference, and which is better for your buffalo lawn?

Standard fertilisers are made of nutrients that are watered into the soil and instantly begin to decompose. Your soil will have absorbed all the fertiliser and nutrients within a week. Because of the fleeting nature of standard fertiliser, it might result in fertiliser burn if not applied correctly. Thus, use caution while applying this type of fertiliser.

While ordinary lawn fertilisers work well on most types of Buffalo grasses, research shows that slow-release fertiliser is superior to non-slow-release fertilisers. Standard fertiliser washes away fast, however slow-release fertiliser lasts for around three months.

Rather than breaking down quickly, the nutrients in the slow-release fertiliser are released over two to three months. Since the fertiliser is released gradually, your grass will grow steadily and develop a robust root system, as the soil has more time to absorb the nutrients. They only need to be sprayed a few times a year because they take longer for your soil to absorb, saving you time and money!

Slow-release fertilisers are therefore more cost-effective, despite their higher initial cost. Some Buffalo speciality fertilisers have been designed with a longer-lasting fertiliser, which is ideal for Buffalo grass, which has only above-ground runners as opposed to Kikuyu, Zoysia, and Couch, which have underground runners.

So, while all fertilisers work on Buffalo, slow-release fertilisers are preferable. It is, in fact, superior on all grasses. Slow-release fertilisers encourage robust, consistent growth, allowing the root system to develop properly and the plant to strengthen itself over time.

To Get the Most Outstanding Results, Buy Locally

The best lawn fertiliser in Australia for your lawn is tailored to your specific soil type. Locally made fertilisers have been tried and tested on local soils, so you can be confident that they will work effectively in your garden.

Buying your fertiliser from a local company saves you money since there are no shipping costs, and you get to support your community (win, win!). You’ll have peace of mind knowing your buffalo grass is in good hands and ready to look its best all year.

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