How to Avoid the Top 5 Lawn Fertiliser Mistakes

Modern grass fertilisers have transformed both backyard gardening and industrial-scale agriculture, typically consider the most crucial components of turf maintenance. While even the best lawn fertilisers may appear simple to use, in reality, there are a few blunders people often make, especially if they are first-time lawn owners and have never sourced landscape supplies in Sydney before.

Although the good news is that these frequent errors are easy to avoid with a few helpful tips and tricks, so here’s a quick rundown of the five most common mistakes and how you can prevent them!

Mistake 1: Over Fertilising

Overfeeding your lawn or garden is the most common turf fertiliser mistake. Grass fertiliser used in excess is harmful to both plants and the environment, as too much fertiliser can burn the roots of a plant, making it more susceptible to insects and illnesses.

In addition, excess fertiliser will wash into groundwater, potentially contaminating water supplies or spilling into rivers, eventually causing algal blooms and dead zones.

Overfertilizing is most frequent in the winter because your grass is dormant and will be unable to absorb the fertiliser nutrients. Fertilising too regularly is another way to over fertilise. After your grass has established itself, you will only need to fertilise it 3–4 times each year, and the surplus grass fertiliser will just wash away.

How to Use the Perfect Amount of Grass Fertiliser

You can be sure that your grass will make full use of its post-winter feed if you wait until winter is over and your grass is actively growing again. You’ll know your grass has emerged from sleep when the soil temperature consistently rises over 14°C.

Mistake 2: The Lawn Fertiliser Is Not Watered In

Watering in your lawn fertiliser is a must to keep your grass from burning. While most lawn enthusiasts will remember to water in the fertiliser as soon as possible, they may use too little water occasionally.

Fertilisers contain such a high concentration of nutrients like nitrogen that if your lawn is left without water for an extended period after fertilising, or if not enough water is utilised, it will begin to burn.

How to Avoid Fertiliser burning

After applying your best lawn fertiliser, make sure to soak it in thoroughly and evenly across your grass. A sprinkler or irrigation system is the best method to achieve this. Alternatively, you may pick a day when rain is expected, and the fertiliser will be watered in for you.

Mistake 3: Fertilising in an Erratic Manner

It’s just as vital to choose the appropriate fertiliser to apply it correctly. For example, some grass areas will probably grow quicker than others if you just sprinkle grass fertiliser granules on your lawn.

How to Avoid Fertilising Erratically

Using a spreader and walking systematically up and down your lawn is the easiest way to avoid this and obtain an even distribution of the best lawn fertiliser. The spread will aid in the uniform distribution of lawn fertiliser, and your methodical technique will ensure that every region of your grass receives some.

Mistake 4: Fertilising at the Wrong Times

Grass fertilisers must be used at the appropriate times for best turf development. Nitrogen is most effective for around three weeks after application. Therefore, it may be wasted if applied too early or too late.

Fertilising a lawn too soon might stimulate new growth before the weather is warm enough for the young grass to thrive. On the other hand, late fall lawn fertilisation might stimulate new blade development rather than allowing the grass to lay dormant and concentrate its energy on root growth and storage.

When is the Best Time to Fertilise Your Lawn?

Try to stick to a healthy lawn care routine that includes using the best lawn fertiliser in autumn, early spring, and again in the summer. After the summer heat, your lawn may require more fertilisation, but it’s best to wait and observe how it performs before wasting grass fertiliser.

Mistake 5: Using the Incorrect Fertiliser

Grass fertiliser is an excellent approach to supplement your lawn’s nutritional needs. Nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are necessary for healthy growth, but they aren’t always abundant in your soil.

Choosing a lawn fertiliser that has the proper mix of these three primary elements can promote healthy development. Still, too many nutrients might result in spotty growth, burns, or insufficient root growth.

You must also select the best lawn fertiliser for the season at your local landscape supplies Sydney store. For example, a slow-release fertiliser applied in the autumn will offer your grass the best chance of remaining green throughout the winter.

How Do I Choose the Best Fertiliser for my Turf Variety?

A great lawn fertiliser, such as LawnPride’s Groturf 8kg, immediately delivers a nutritious diet to the grass, restoring itself quickly and protecting itself from harsh weather conditions. A lawn fertiliser also contributes to cleaner soil and a more attractive lawn.

To Get the Most Outstanding Fertiliser Results, Buy Locally

The best lawn fertiliser in Australia for your lawn is tailored to your specific soil type. Locally made grass fertilisers and landscape supplies Sydney have been tried and tested on local soils, so you can be confident that they will work effectively in your garden.

Buying your grass fertiliser from a local company saves you money since there are no shipping costs, and you get to support your community (win, win!). You’ll have peace of mind knowing your buffalo grass is in good hands and ready to look its best all year.

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