Best Turf for Drought Prone Areas

Drought is an inevitable part of living in Australia. Fortunately, through decades of cultivating turf for the harsh Australian weather, there is an abundance of turf varieties and landscape supplies specifically catering to drought-prone areas.

Andrew’s Turf Supplies offers a wide variety of turf that will thrive even with minimal watering during those harsh Australian summers. Including Palmetto Buffalo, Matilda Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Couch, Shademaster and Kikuyu, all grown in beautiful Hawkesbury, New South Wales.

Particularly as Sydney Turfs, Blue Mountains Turfs, and Illawarra Turfs tend to be frequently forced into water restrictions from the NSW Government. It is essential to implement preventative tactics to ensure your turf has the best chances for survival through the likely periods of water restrictions in addition to lack of rain.

During an extended dry period, it is best practice to let your turf grow slightly higher than usual, keep off the turf at all times and hand-water any brown patches your turf may develop.

Product Spotlight: Kikuyu Drought Resistant Turf

Kikuyu Grass is typically the best choice for drone prone areas, as it is a fantastic fast-repairing grass that thrives in the Australian climate, tolerating dry summers well and requires minimal watering to survive.

With high durability and a quick recovery rate, Kikuyu Grass is easy to maintain and resistant when in high-traffic areas.

Although, Kikuyu grass does not grow well in shaded areas, so if your property is partly in the shade or gets full shade, this variety of grass is not recommended. Kikuyu also needs the most mowing than other options on this list; consider the high ongoing maintenance costs for this variety.

Product Spotlight: Types of Buffalo Grasses that are Drought Resistant

Buffalo is the most extensive variety of grass in Australia and is the most popular choice for turf supplies in Sydney. As a drought-resistant turf, Buffalo grass is an excellent choice as it is hard-wearing, durable and requires low maintenance. Buffalo is best for the Australian climate, as it is highly resistant to drought, heat, cold, shade and salt.

Buffalo performs well in sunny and shaded areas, making it a good choice for land with part shade, surviving with only a few hours of sun exposure each day. As well, buffalo grasses perform well in high-traffic areas due to their string blade and ability to quickly repair themselves.

Particularly Sir Walter types of Buffalo grass are ideal for drought-prone areas as they have good resistance when in direct sun and have excellent recovery time. In addition, Palmetto Buffalo is another popular variety as it delivers hardy drought resistance thanks to its robust root system, while having an excellent recovery rate from damage.

Tips to Make Your Lawn Drought Resistant

Not only do we supply a large variety of drought-resistant turfs and drought-resistant landscape supplies, but it is also essential to implement additional gardening maintenance to ensure the longevity of your lawn. As local turf suppliers and landscape suppliers, we have developed some helpful tips that can help your lawn withstand the harsh drought conditions common to most Australian yards.

The most important method for ensuring your lawn’s longevity, is early preparation before the severe weather arrives. In particular, you should aim to implement the correct kind of turf maintenance 30 to 45 days prior to a predicted period of drought or a usually hot time of the year.

Preventative aeration of your lawn is an important step that optimises your lawn’s ability to be drought resistant as aeration maximises moisture retention in the soil and roots, allowing your turf to take full advantage of water when it is available.

Removing dead thatch and another other foliage that sits on the lawns surface will also allow your turf to retain more moisture from watering.

Regular fertilising will also encourage your lawns drought resistant ability as a healthy and well-fed soil will help minimise water loss and keep the soil cool.

Developing a correct watering routine is another method that will encourage turf survival through extended periods of drought. It is best practice to implement a deep watering schedule, where the grass is watered for an extended period less frequently, rather than superficially more often. This allows moisture to reach the deepest roots, which is required to establish a healthy root system.

How Do I Choose the Best Drought Resistant Turf Variety for My Location?

Andrew’s Turf Supplies offers a wide variety of turf varieties for call kinds of commercial projects and residential projects in Sydney. While some Sydney turf varieties are more resistant to drought than others, we offer a vast variety of turf including; Palmetto Buffalo, Matilda Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Couch, Shademaster and Kikuyu, all grown in beautiful Hawkesbury, New South Wales.

No matter if you are looking for turf supplies in Windsor or Penrith or landscape supplies in Sydney CBD, Andrew’s highly experienced team are available to help you install and maintain beautiful Sydney lawns.

When considering which turf variety is best for your commercial or residential area, there are many factors to consider. Explore some other factors to consider in Choosing between Premium Turf Products or, for expert advice, contact the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, your local Landscape supplier in Sydney.

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