Is it okay to lay turf in winter?

As professional Sydney turf installers, we often get asked if it is okay to lay turf in Winter? It’s a common misconception that turf cannot be laid in Winter, the truth is that it isn’t necessarily the case. The warmer months of Summer, Spring and early Autumn most certainly do provide the best conditions for turf to thrive and establish itself, although there are benefits to laying turf in Winter. These include less watering, less mowing and a lawn that is ready in time for Summer. However, if your yard is positioned in an area that receives regular frost, it would be best to wait until Spring to lay down your new turf.

Lawn Will Be Ready For Summer

Despite taking longer to establish itself in Winter, the cooler months are a great time to install your lawn if you spend a lot of time outside in Summer. Your lawn will establish itself during the Winter period when you’re likely to be cooped up inside, keeping warm, ready for use in Summer. But keep in mind, It’s best to not walk on your new lawn until the grass is firmly rooted within the soil, which won’t occur until the weather warms up.

Rather than installing your lawn out in the cold, why not get the Sydney turf installers at Andrew’s Turf Supplies to do the hard work for you. We offer a range of premium turf varieties and landscape supplies in Sydney, as well as turf laying and soil preparation services.

Less Watering

One of the main benefits of laying turf in Winter is that grass requires less watering in cooler conditions. Not only will you save on water usage, but you will also save on time and money, with only half the water used in Summer required for Winter. Due to cooler conditions, the grass will dry out at a much slower rate than it would in Spring and Summer, therefore requiring less water.

Less Mowing

A lawn laid in Winter won’t require mowing until warmer weather arrives in Spring. This is because the lawn will lay dormant until it receives the warmer temperatures it needs to firmly root in the soil and fully establish itself. There is nothing to be concerned about when the lawn is in an idle state. It is not dying, but simply waiting for warmer conditions which will help it to grow and flourish at the end of Winter.

Tips for Caring For Your Lawn & Laying Turf in Winter


When laying turf in Winter, fertilisation is crucial for the successful establishment of the lawn. Before laying the turf, apply a starter fertiliser for best results. Fertiliser should be applied to the lawn as soon as it is laid and then in regular intervals during Winter and Spring. A high quality fertiliser should be used that is designed to help lawns grow and flourish in Winter.

With the turf laying idle during Winter, proper fertilisation during the cooler months will ensure that the grass will flourish once Winter has ended. If you are unsure about which fertiliser is best for your lawn, then reach out to the Sydney turf installers at Andrew’s Turf Supplies today for professional advice.

Lay Turf As Soon As It Is Delivered

For turf to survive, it needs to have access to the moisture and nutrients found in topsoil. Therefore, for best results and to ensure the survival of your lawn, it should be installed directly after it’s delivered to your property. Here at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, our Sydney turf installers will lay your turf as soon as we deliver it to your property with no delay.

Regular Weeding

Whilst your turf is laying dormant during Winter, weeds will unfortunately still grow at a fast rate. To stop overgrown weeds from occurring, weed your grass regularly; preferably every week.

Choose the Right Type of Turf

There are many factors that should be considered when selecting turf for your property. Some of these include level of maintenance, shade tolerance, appearance, intended use, environmental conditions, budget and how much sunlight the lawn will receive. If you are planning to lay your turf in Winter, then you can add one more factor into the mix, as the type of lawn you choose will need to be able to establish itself in cooler conditions.

Choosing the right type of turf for your property can be challenging, however the Sydney turf installers at Andrew’s Turf Supplies are always on hand to assist you with making an informed decision. With a range of turf varieties available including Palmetto Buffalo grass, Matilda Buffalo grass, Sapphire Buffalo, Shademaster, Couch and Kikuyu turf in Sydney, our turf experts will be able to find a suitable turf for your property and circumstances.

Andrew’s Turf Supplies offer a full service, from landscape supplies in Sydney right through to turf installation. In addition to being reliable turf suppliers and turf installers in Sydney, we are also able to prepare soil for turf installation, install irrigation systems, and complete gardening and timber work. Get in contact with our friendly team today for a FREE quote on 0423 385 565 or email