Ultimate Guide to Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Palmetto Buffalo Grass is considered the World’s #1 type of Buffalo Grass – for many good reasons! As Sydney Turf installers, we are often asked about the advantages and disadvantages of laying Palmetto Buffalo Grass.

Discover everything you need to know about this type of Buffalo Grass and why this variety is beloved for commercial and residential turfs. When deciding on new turf, you can trust Andrew’s Turf Supplies as we are Sydney’s best turf suppliers.

Fast Facts

  • High shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • High wear tolerance
  • Excellent winter-green colour
  • Broadleaf and soft to touch.
  • Produces low seed head (common irritant to people with allergies)

Types of Buffalo Grass

There is a wide range of types of buffalo grass that you can choose to install in your commercial or residential property. These include:

  • Prestige Buffalo Grass
  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass
  • Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Each of these types of buffalo grass have different features, but overall, they do share a number of similar features that make them a fantastic inclusion to any outdoor space.

Key Features

  • The biggest selling type of Buffalo variety in the World.
  • Outperformed ‘Sir Walter Buffalo Grass’ in trials for maintaining colour, hardiness and growth speeds.
  • Grows slower than other Buffalo varieties; therefore, it requires less mowing and less maintenance.
  • Faired the best for drought tolerance against all other Buffalo varieties trialed.
  • Winter colour faired ≈ 40% better than Sir Walter and 140% better than Shademaster.

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Characteristics

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is the biggest selling type of Buffalo grass in the world.  Palmetto outperformedSir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf in testing for maintaining colour, hardiness and growth speeds. As Palmetto grows slower than other types of Buffalo varieties, less mowing and less maintenance are required overall.

Palmetto needs less watering and mowing than most turf varieties, delivering a great looking lawn with minimal fuss.

Palmetto has strong-growing runners that grow across the ground, rather than upwards. This growth pattern creates a dense lawn with good wear tolerance and recovery rate. It is also why Palmetto is great at out-competing weeds.

Palmetto has an excellent winter-green colour and performs well in the shade. With its deep root system, Palmetto is an efficient water user and drought tolerant.

Palmetto faired the best for drought tolerance against all other types of Buffalo varieties when trialed. Palmetto winter colour faired ≈ 40% better than Sir Walter Buffalo Grass and 140% better than Shademaster Buffalo Grass.

Palmetto meets the Erosion Control Australian Standard No# AS5181: 2017 – Use and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure.

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Maintenance

As for maintenance Andrews Turf Supplies recommends Palmetto should be cut 2cm-5cm in the sun, or 5cm-7cm in the shade. Mow every 7-10 days in warmer months, and every 3-6 weeks in colder months.

Fertiliser is recommended twice a year, once in early April and once in September. Fertilising helps provide essential nutrients to the soil, improve water retention, and allow for easy airflow throughout your Palmetto turf.

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is drought tolerant once established, but Palmetto needs regular watering like all plants. The required watering schedule for your Palmetto turf will vary depending on your home’s specific environmental factors. In particular, be aware of a drying climate and water your lawn accordingly.

Remember, infrequent deep watering of your lawn promotes a healthy lawn and a strong, deep-rooted system. Watering time is best in the early morning. Palmetto has the best root system than any other type of Buffalo, which helps with recovery.

Keen on Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo?

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