The Ultimate Guide to Australian Summer Lawn Care

Australian summers are internationally known for harsh and dry weather. Great lawns are the centre of most classic summer activities from pool parties to Aussie BBQ’s, so it’s important to understand how to minimise the effects of increased temperatures on our plants and lawns in Sydney.

What is the Best Grass for Australian Summers?

When searching for turf and turf supplies in Sydney, Buffalo grasses are often a top choice because of their incredible resistance to heat and drought. They require less water and maintenance, producing thriving robust and green lawns even throughout hot Australian summers. With that said, even the most mature and tough lawns require regular watering and maintenance, ideally one inch of water every week to keep your lawn at its best. At Andrew’s Turf Supplies we install premium quality Buffalo grass and supply landscape supplies in Rouse Hill, Kellyville and Castle Hill, so you have a local turf company to rely on.

Watering Buffalo Grass in Summer

It is a common misconception that you can’t lay Buffalo grass in summer. But it is possible for a new lawn to establish itself successfully in the warmer months, as long as you take the time to water effectively and closely monitor to ensure that roots will fully take hold. This is particularly important in the first two months, as your Buffalo grass will need to be watered twice a week with a deep watering.

Deep watering is a process where grass is watered for a long period of time less frequently, rather than superficially more often. This allows moisture to reach the deepest roots, which is required in order to establish a healthy root system. This system is extremely beneficial for Sydney yards because in periods of intense heat, the grass will use water stored in its roots to cool the soil surface when dried out by the sun.

Brown patches of Buffalo grass usually increase during humid summers as the surface dries out from the sun. This is a key sign, that you must increase your yard’s watering regime. Prevention is the best method to reduce brown patches. This includes only watering in the morning and never at night. By watering your Buffalo grass at night during Summer, the water will sit on top of the surface and will allow pathogens to infiltrate your grass. While morning watering allows time for the surface water to absorb into the soil and the rest to evaporate.

Mowing Buffalo Grass in Summer

Buffalo grass has an amazing ability to recover when damaged or neglected, cutting your grass too short will eventually kill it. But in summer grass should be mowed more regularly than in winter, the ideal height for Buffalo grass in summer is between 25 and 40mm.

Thatch is a living and non-living brown organic layer that develops between the soil surface and the surface of the grass. Contrary to common belief, a little thatch is good for Buffalo grass. Although if you do not mow regularly, the thatch will build up too much which could cause the grass to overheat and die.

It is also important to remove all lawn clippings, objects and other garden matter from the grass, as these items increase humidity and reduce airflow to the grass’ roots increasing the risk of damage.

Fertilising Buffalo Grass in Summer

As well as regular watering and mowing, your Buffalo grass will require fertiliser to maximise its resistance to heat and drought in summer. Fertiliser and lawn supplements will increase the health of the grass by boosting the essential vitamins and minerals for maximum colour and root growth, reducing any damage from pests and diseases. At Andrew’s Turf Supplies we recommend a slow release lawn fertiliser as the perfect accompaniment for all Buffalo grasses in Australian Summers.

Specific Care Instructions for Three Types of Buffalo Grass

Caring for Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is extremely drought tolerant and will usually only need occasional deep watering in very sandy soils. Sir Walter Buffalo grass is also a low-thatch grass, which requires less mowing and is therefore less likely to become damaged.

Caring for Matilda Buffalo Grass

Matilda Buffalo grass is also extremely drought tolerant and will usually only need occasional deep watering in very sandy soils.

Caring for Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Palmetto Buffalo grass has a slighter higher water requirement compared to other species of buffalo grass. Palmetto Buffalo grass is also a low-thatch grass, which also requires less mowing and is therefore less likely to become damaged.

Where to buy Buffalo Grass Sydney

When considering which turf variety is best for your yard during hot Australian summers, there are many factors to consider in addition to which is most suitable for you and your family. Explore some other factors to consider in Choosing between Premium Turf Products or for expert advice, contact the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, your local Landscape supplier in Sydney.

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