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25gr Lawn Solutions Australia Sedge Control


Covers almost 2000m²

Available on back-order

Selective Herbicide for the control of Nutgrass & Mullumbimby Couch in your Sir Walter Lawn and most other common lawn types. Systemically moves through the weed & removes the underground growing points. For selective Post-Emergence control of Nutgrass in Sugarcane, Corn/Maize and Sorghum and for selective Post-Emergence and control of Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch in turf/lawns. Also, for the control of Nutgrass in Cotton using Shielded Sprayers. Repeat applications may be needed for mature Nutgrass or areas with high populations. Active constituent: 750 g/kg Halosulfuron-Methyl

Lawn Install Tips

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