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Bow and Arrow 500mL


Bow and Arrow Herbicide stands as the pinnacle solution for broadleaf weed control within the Australian turf industry, offering unparalleled efficacy against a wide array of broadleaf weeds. This herbicide is meticulously formulated to target and eliminate common broadleaf weeds such as bindii, clover, plantain, and more without causing harm to your lawn. 

Its unique composition includes three potent active ingredients: MCPA, Clopyralid, and Diflufenican, which work synergistically to provide broad-spectrum control over weeds, ensuring a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

What sets Bow and Arrow Herbicide apart is its professional-grade formulation that is safe for use on various turf types, including the sensitive Buffalo Turf, making it a versatile option for both residential and commercial applications. Unlike other broadleaf turf herbicides that may cause rapid, but often temporary, damage to weeds, Bow and Arrow Herbicide employs a slower, yet far more effective approach. This ensures that weeds are not only damaged but are prevented from recovering, thanks to the herbicide’s ability to target the weeds’ extensive root systems and underground components.

For optimal results, Bow and Arrow Herbicide should be applied when weeds are actively growing, typically from May to August, before they have a chance to spread their seeds. To use, simply mix 50 mL of the product with 5L of water and evenly apply over 100m² of turf using a sprayer. This method ensures even distribution and maximises the effectiveness of the herbicide, providing you with a weed-free lawn that you can be proud of.

Application Rate: 50mL in 2 - 5Ltrs water/100sqm

Use this product with Wetter 600 for more effective results - found in specialty products

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