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2lt Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Rescue


Treats up to 150m²

Feed and drought-proof your lawn with just one revitalising hit. This perfect blend of liquid fertilisers, seaweed extracts and wetting agents is ideal for use during establishment, post establishment and for post-winter revival. Lawn Rescue promotes the development of root systems and growth in new lawns, and stimulates, supports and protects root growth in established lawns year-round. Lawn Rescue features both nutrient and rehydration properties, making it the perfect solution for tired, slow-growing lawns. Will restore colour and health to lawns that are looking dry and thin. Lawn Rescue is suitable for all lawn varieties. Easy to use, clip on hose on attachment will make application easier than ever. No need to measure and mix up concentrates.

Lawn Install Tips

To assist you in correctly laying your turf so that it flourishes well into the future, read through our helpful hints on how to prepare soil, lay turf and maintain your new lawn.