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100ml Lawn Solutions Australia ColourGuard Plus Concentrate


Covers up to 200m²

ColourGuard PLUS is a liquid fertiliser and a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn.Apply this 100% natural grass colourant to keep your lawn looking green year-round. Just one application can give your lawn up to three months of great colour.ColourGuard delivers micron-sized pigment solids into the tiny pores of leaf tissues via water spray. The colour pigments are organic and natural making ColourGuard a safe product for the environment, pets, and people. Once it’s dried, it’s locked in. ColourGuard won’t bleed, run, or stain once absorbed. Easy to use, works on all lawns, in extreme heat, rain, cold and frost. Plus, ColourGuard reduces the amount of fertiliser and water your lawn requires.ColourGuard can dry on your lawn in as little as 2 hours when in full sunlight, or longer if the lawn is not full sun.

Lawn Install Tips

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