How to Identify the Most Common Types of Australian Turfs

Being able to identify the common varieties of Australian grasses is a useful skill. Whether you want to expand your existing turf, copy your neighbour’s yard, or find the best maintenance methods for a specific type of grass.

Identifying grass is quite simple if you understand the following most notable characteristics of a turf, then you can quickly narrow down the different varieties of Australian grasses.

  • The shape of the leaf blade. E.g., is the leaf wide or narrow, pointed or round?
  • As a general rule, darker coloured grasses are shaded varieties, and bright green grasses are warm-season varieties.
  • Vernation is how the grass grows at the shoot end. E.g., does the grass fold in or roll out?
  • The ligule is how the shoot and the blade meet. Is it smooth or furry?
  • Some grasses grow by sending out “runners”, where grass expands sideways rather than growing taller.
  • Amount of growing thatch, the non-living brown organic layer that develops between the soil and the surface of the grass.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Variety

Sir Walter Buffalo is a warm-season variety of grass. Buffalo varieties are Australia’s most popular choice for turf supplies in Sydney, as all types of buffalo grasses were cultivated in Australia’s soil. Sir Walter is best for Australia’s climate, as it is highly resistant to drought, heat, cold, shade and salt.

The easiest way to identify Sir Walter Buffalo grass is deep green colour, soft surface and broadleaf. Although it will discolour during the colder months, the colour of Buffalo grass will bounce back in Spring.

Once established, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is low maintenance, requires less watering and less mowing than other types of buffalo grasses. It develops a dense, low thatch that makes Sir Walter Buffalo quite resistant to weeds, making this turf less reliant on chemicals.

Sir Walter performs well in both sunny and shaded areas, making it a good choice for homeowners. It can survive with only a few hours of sun exposure each day and is a low allergen turf. Meaning Buffalo grass is ideal for homes with children and pets because its string blade can handle everyday wear and tear and can quickly repair itself.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass Variety

Palmetto Buffalo Grass is a warm-season type of buffalo grass; it is hard-wearing and low maintenance, that is fantastic for a family home. When compared to other buffalo types, Palmetto holds a 75% better colour in winter.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass is identifiable by its excellent winter-green colour, soft to touch surface, broad leaf and dense growth. It is also a slow-growing grass which gives a lush appearance and requires less lawn mowing and maintenance than other types of buffalo grass.

Palmetto’s only downside is shade growth does not perform as well as other types of buffalo grass, therefore are recommended for full sun yards.

Kikuyu Grass Variety

Kikuyu turf is a warm-season variety of grass, fantastic for larger areas that experience a high amount of foot traffic. It is a fast-repairing grass that thrives in the Australian climate, tolerating dry summers well and requires minimal watering to survive.

The most identifiable characteristics of Kikuyu grass is its lush, medium leaf width and soft bright green blade. Kikuyu variety is ideal for houses with pets and children as it is very resistant to pests and disease. However, Kikuyu grows very rapidly and requires regular mowing.

Shade Master Grass Variety

Shademaster is a warm-season type of buffalo grass. Shademaster Buffalo is the best option for spaces mainly covered by shade, as it is slow-growing, hard-wearing and requires low maintenance.

Physically Shademaster Buffalo has an average leaf width, a soft leaf, and an average leaf length. You can expect great dark green colour in summer, but you may see your lawn turn brown or purple during the winter months as this type of buffalo grass does not maintain colour well during winter.

Matilda Grass Variety

Matilda grass is a warm-season type of buffalo grass, that is a fantastic option for a family home and one of the most pet-friendly varieties of turf. When it comes to wear and tear, Matilda Buffalo grass is the best option as it recovers faster from damage than most types of Buffalo.

Matilda Buffalo grass creates more thatch because it grows faster, which is excellent as the lawn quickly self-repairs, but this also means the lawn requires more mowing.

Unlike other types of Buffalo grass, Matilda grass is mostly recognisable for holding its vibrant colour in both summer and winter and has a soft leaf.

How Do I Choose the Best Turf Variety for Me?

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