A 2021 Season-by-Season Guide to Care for Your Lawn

Leave behind your 2020 turf regrets and enter the new year with confidence by following this ultimate guide to maintaining your lawn during the different seasons of the year. You can trust Andrew’s Turf Supplies as we are Sydney’s best turf suppliers. Now you’ll always know what your lawn needs, allowing you to work with the seasons and not against the weather.

How to Care for Turf in Spring

Spring months are the most crucial time of year to treat your lawn with fertiliser. Fertilisers allow lawns to recover from the stresses of winter, whilst preparing the soil for the upcoming intense dry summer. Use a slow-release lawn fertiliser that releases nutrients into the lawn over an extended period, allowing owners to save time and money.

Spring is the peak time for weed growth, weeds thrive when lawns are under fertilised, dry and mowed too low. You can simply dig out the roots for most weeds, although, for the toughest of weeds, there is no one shortcut to kill them.

The biggest job for spring is to repair your lawn, notice if there are any signs of lawn diseases, compacted soil, large brown patches or big build-ups of thatch, which is the non-living brown organic layer that develops between the soil and the surface of the grass.

These problems are quite challenging to maintain; we recommend using special aeration tools, which allows fresh air to reach the roots and everything in between. If you are in need of landscape supplies in Sydney, Get in contact with our friendly team today for a FREE quote on 0423 385 565 or email

How to Care for Turf in Summer

Since most of us have time off in the middle of summer, it is worth getting all your gardening tools serviced to relive some stress when we return to our busy schedules. The top priority for garden tools is to make sure machines are clean and sharp; you can take any equipment to a professional to get it properly serviced.

As December, January and February are very dry months for Aussie turfs; it is the most challenging time of year. Watering depends on what type of grass you have, as Zoysia varieties require much less water than Couch or Kikuyu. Still, a general rule of thumb is to water your grass at least three times a week and only in the mornings, to allow the surface water to absorb into the soil and any other water to evaporate. You should never water grass at night, as the water will sit on top of the turf and will allow pathogens to infiltrate your grass.

Brown patches on turf are common in summer, as the humid temperatures cause the turf surface to dry out from the sun. This is a sign to increase your yard’s watering regime, but prevention is the best method to reduce brown patches becoming a larger problem.

How to Care for Turf in Autumn

Coming into the colder months, you should prepare turf for the extreme cold ahead. Usually, the rain will return in Autumn, making turfs grow rapidly, so you will need to mow more regularly and cut the grass shorter, to allow longer breaks in-between mows. However, Autumn weather also fluctuates a lot with windy days a regular occurrence, be careful as the wind can dry out your turf just as hot weather.

Keeping to a watering schedule in Autumn is challenging to maintain as the weather fluctuates quite a lot during the day and night. As a quick test, use the footprint method. If you walk across your lawn and leave behind noticeable footprints your lawn is likely lacking in water, or if the grass bounces back this is a sign your lawn is well hydrated.

How to Care for Turf in Winter

The winter months are a quiet season for lawns around the country; even so, there are still a few seasonal jobs to do. In particular, late august is the perfect time to feed your lawn with some fertiliser and a crucial period to raise your mowing height to prevent turf damage.

While in Australia frost might be less common, regardless, it is essential to remove all lawn clippings, objects and other garden matter from your grass, as these items airflow to the grass’ roots and increasing the risk of lawn diseases. During winter, your lawn will benefit a lot from good aeration.

Overwatering is a common problem during winter as the roots and soil cannot absorb a lot of moisture, leading to fungal infections and suffocation of the lawn’s root systems. To learn more about how to control the common problems with Australian turfs, read Andrew’s previous article here.

Sydney Turf Suppliers and Maintenance

No matter if you are looking for turf supplies in Windsor or Penrith, or Turf Supplies in Sydney CBD, Andrew’s highly experienced teams are available to help you install and maintain beautiful Sydney lawns.

When considering which turf variety is best for your yard, there are many factors to consider, including which is most suitable for you and your family. Explore some other factors to consider in Choosing between Premium Turf Products or for expert advice, contact the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, your local Landscape supplier in Sydney.

At Andrew’s Turf Supplies we offer a full service, from turf supplies in Sydney right through to turf installation. In addition to being reliable landscape suppliers in Sydney, we can also prepare the soil for turf installation, install turf and irrigation systems, and complete gardening and timber work. Get in contact with our friendly team today for a FREE quote on 0423 385 565 or email