What is The Best Turf Variety for Commercial Areas?

No project is too big or too small for Andrew’s Turf Supplies; our professional staff has been supplying and installing turf to large scale commercial projects around Sydney for many years now. Andrew’s Turf Supplies is Sydney’s leading commercial turf supplier for sports fields, parks, office complexes, golf courses, strata developments and much more.

Some of our most successful commercial turf projects include Hickson Road Reserve, First Fleet Park Sydney, Bligh and Barney Reserve and The Village Green Darling Quarter. Check out our Gallery for more of Andrew’s high-quality commercial turf installations throughout Sydney.

Andrew’s Turf Supplies offers a wide variety of turf varieties for commercial projects in Sydney, including; Palmetto Buffalo, Matilda Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Couch, Shademaster and Kikuyu, all grown in beautiful Hawkesbury, New South Wales.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Turf

When selecting the turf variety for your next commercial turf project, it can be an overwhelming process. Each of Andrew’s high-quality turfs are best suited for different environments; this is why it is essential to understand the specific requirements of your commercial location, so you can pick a turf that will grow the healthiest in the required conditions. Some of the considerations you will need to acknowledge includes;

  • Use of the turf. For high-traffic areas, our commercial turf suppliers, recommend using turf with high durability, low maintenance, a dense root system, less thatch, broadleaf and high pet resistance, like Kikuyu Grass. These grass characteristics help the root systems endure the impact of high-traffic areas and keep the turf surface lush.
  • The availability of sunlight. If your commercial area receives only a few hours of sunlight a day, it is considered a partially shaded lawn. This area, therefore, requires a turf that grows well in the shade, like Shademaster Grass.
  • Conditions of the soil type and water. If your commercial area is in a location where rain is sparse, your turf will need a higher tolerance to drought and dry conditions. Generally, Sydney turfs are warm-season varieties and grow best between 25- and 32-degree temperatures, like most types of Buffalo grasses.
  • Your cost preferences. Due to the large scale of commercial areas, the cost of turf is not just an upfront fee and will require maintenance costs for its whole life; these costs need to be considered.

If you are still unsure which turf would be perfect for your commercial area, don’t worry! At Andrew’s Turf Supplies, we promise to supply and install turf that is guaranteed to thrive on your commercial property.

Our friendly and professional staff will work with you to successfully satisfy your commercial project’s specifications and deadlines, to ensure your turf is installed on time and on budget. At Andrew’s Turf Supplies, we install premium quality turf and supply landscape supplies throughout Sydney, so you have a local turf company to rely on.

Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu Grass is fantastic for large commercial areas that experience a high amount of foot traffic. It is a fast-repairing grass that thrives in the Australian climate, tolerating dry summers well and requires minimal watering to survive.

With high durability and a quick recovery rate, Kikuyu Grass is easy to maintain and resistant when in high-traffic areas. Kikuyu grass is the best turf variety for sporting fields and golf courses, sometimes used in parks and playgrounds.

Although, Kikuyu grass does not grow well in shaded areas, so if your commercial area is partly in the shade or gets full shade, this variety of grass is not recommended. Kikuyu also needs the most mowing than other options on this list; consider the high on-going maintenance costs for this variety if your commercial budget is tight.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo is the most extensive variety of grass in Australia and is the most popular choice for turf supplies in Sydney. As a commercial turf, Buffalo is an excellent choice as it is hard-wearing, durable and requires low maintenance. Buffalo is best for Australia’s climate, as it is highly resistant to drought, heat, cold, shade and salt.

Due to its soft leaf and low allergen characteristics, buffalo grasses are perfect for areas where children and pets play frequently. Buffalo is the best turf variety for parks, schools, sporting fields, and home lawns. Performing well in high-traffic areas due to its string blade and ability to quickly repair itself.

Buffalo performs well in sunny and shaded areas, making it a good choice for commercial areas with part shade, surviving with only a few hours of sun exposure each day.

Particularly Matilda Buffalo and Sir Walter Buffalo are ideal types of Buffalo Grass for commercial turf uses as they are slower growing types and will require less maintenance costs in mowing.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is the perfect choice for commercial areas that require a manicured looking lawn, producing a beautiful dark green colour year-round with little watering requirements.

Couch grass is a popular choice for sporting fields as the grass gets less watering compared to other varieties and provides a drier turf, giving more traction in wet conditions for athletes. Offering the perfect balance of soft-touch and toughness, Couch Grass is ideally used for sporting ovals, golf courses and cricket-wickets.

Couch turf has the highest salt tolerance than other grass varieties. With excellent drought tolerance, this variety delivers long-lasting performance in full sun areas, requiring 5-6 hours of sunlight per day, so Couch variety is ideal for full sun areas.

How Do I Choose the Best Turf Variety for My Commercial Location?

No matter if you are looking for turf supplies in Windsor or Penrith or turf supplies in Sydney CBD, Andrew’s highly experienced team are available to help you install and maintain beautiful Sydney lawns.

When considering which turf variety is best for your commercial area, there are many factors to consider. Explore some other factors to consider in Choosing between Premium Turf Products or, for expert advice, contact the team at Andrew’s Turf Supplies, your local Landscape supplier in Sydney.

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